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Emergency preparedness and response workshop


Date: Tuesday, October 11th, 10:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Location: Holiday Inn Express, Ciudad del Carmen

The consequences of not having an effective incident management strategy can impact your company’s vital business operations and reputation.

  • Do your company’s departments/sections understand their roles and responsibilities as part of the incident management, crisis management, or emergency management team?
  • Do you know what role social media plays and how it can impact during a crisis? Such as dealing with the media, local government, family members, and security procedures?
  • Are you aware of your local resources available if an incident occurs?
Emergency readiness and response workshop
RelyOn Nutec in Shallow and Deepwater Mexico an Offshore Oil and Gas Conference in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche

Join us Tuesday, October 11th, for an interactive and frank discussion as RelyOn Nutec México presents the importance of preparedness and how to deal with the difficulties accrued as offshore incidents unfold, such as:

Workshop Objetives

Discuss the following topics:

  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the On-shore Response Team Members
  • Command, Control and Communications
  • The Emergency Response Plan
  • Dealing with the Media, Local Government, Family Members, Security Procedures
  • Protecting the company’s reputation through public relation statements


The goal of this workshop is to introduce new members to the roles and responsibilities of an Incident Management, Criss Management or Emergency Management Team. We will discuss the importance of the preparedness to deal with the situations that can arise during an incident. The impact social medial can play during a crisis. The need for understanding how an incident can and will impact your company.

The need for structure and command during the incident. As well as confirming that all departments/sections understand their roles and responsibilities as part of the Incident team. We will have a tabletop exercise dealing with:

  • Treat to Life
  • Multiple casualties
  • Major Damage to the Asset
  • Next of Kin (KOK) Notifications
  • Public Relation both formal and informal
  • Media Releases
  • Legal Concerns
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Business Continuity

At the end of the scenario. The teams will discuss the difficulties that accrued as the incident unfolded. A group debrief and feedback session.

Workshop Agenda

10:30 Register
11:00 Introductions
11:15 Incident Management Presentation

    • Crisis Management
    • Resource Management
    • Personnel Management
    • HR ( NOK, loss of life and notifications)
    • Environmental Concerns
    • Company Reputation

11:45 Helicopter Crash Offshore ( Tabletop Scenario)
12:45 Networking Break
13:15 Group Presentations
14:30 Closing Remarks and General Feedback

Lunch and beverages will be served during networking break and group presentation.

Do not miss it if your area of work activity is:

  1. HSE Director
  2. Aviation
  3. Marine Personnel (Captains, Barge, Chief Mates, Toolpushers)
  4. Finance Director
  5. Production Team Lead
  6. Logistics Manager
  7. Public Relations
  8. Legal
  9. Human Resources Director
  10. Production Team Lead
  11. Maintenance Manager
  12. Safety Manager
  13. Offshore Installation Manager
  14. Country Managers
  15. Operations Director (planning, discovery, distribution)
  16. Safety Manager
  17. Public Information Officer
  18. Planning Section Chief

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