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The oil and gas industry is undergoing a rapid transition, and despite the current economic challenges, companies continue to evolve, changing their priorities and increasing their sustainability commitments to reduce their carbon footprint, adapting to the new global energy landscape required by society, investors and governments. Operators and services companies are improving their financial and reputational resilience by incorporating digital and automation technologies to optimize their processes and strategies, enabling them to produce more profitably, safely and sustainably.

We are going through an important moment, in which the future of offshore oil and gas is in our hands.

We must work together and join efforts, experience, knowledge and innovative technology to move to a low-carbon energy system and at the same time, meet the expected global demand for oil and gas in the long term.

For two days the multinational exhibition hall will showcase cutting-edge technology, services and solutions from companies with vast experience in the energy sector. Talk to strategic decision makers and influencers who are looking for innovative and proven services, products and technologies to make their projects more profitable, timely and sustainable.