The Importance of Ciudad del Carmen in Mexico’s Hydrocarbon Industry

The Cantarell Project, focused on the production and incorporation of heavy and light oil reserves as well as associated gas, through exploitation initiatives developed in the Akal, Nohoch, Chac, Kutz, Sihil, Ixtoc, Kambesah and Takin fields.

The Ku-Maloob-Zaap Integral Project, mainly focused on the production and incorporation of heavy and extra-heavy oil and associated gas reserves, consists of the Ku, Maloob, Zaap, Bacab, Lum, Ayatsil, Tekel and Pit fields.

It has one of the most important ports in Mexico for offshore oil industry operations due to its geostrategic position and proximity to major oil fields.

The port has the largest and most diversified port community in the oil industry. The port carries out the largest number of ship movements nationwide in Mexico.

Private companies with different portfolios of activities and a wide range of financial, operational and technical capabilities continue to bet on the southern region due to the diverse growth opportunities in the deep and ultra-deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
These opportunities are due to its great potential for large hydrocarbon discoveries in undeveloped basins and unexplored offshore fields that require private investment, modern technologies and skilled and specialized human resources.


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