Ciudad del Carmen is a city in the southeast of Mexico, it is the capital of the municipality of Carmen, Campeche. It is located southwest of the Yucatan Peninsula, in the western part of Isla del Carmen, it is located between the Gulf of Mexico and Laguna de Terminos, a protected area with dolphins and turtles. It takes its name from the Virgen del Carmen which is celebrated on July 16 from 1717. It is an island where you can find incredible coastal landscapes with outdoor sports activities, dishes with a wide variety of seafood, with a very warm climate and Large expanse of mangroves.

It stands out for being an important center of operations of Petróleos Mexicanos, which maintains in the Sonda de Campeche the most important hydrocarbon exploitation area in Mexico. In addition, it has interesting natural and tourist attractions, mainly boating on the island of terms and visits to places that were frequented by pirates.

The city is known for its colonial buildings, seafood and beaches, including the Playa Norte Beach, which has palapas on the shore, restaurants, outdoor courts, discos and other attractions. The Victoriano Nieves Museum exhibits local history and pre-Hispanic artifacts. The Zacatal Bridge connects the city with the continent to the state of Tabasco, has almost 4 km in length, placing it as the longest in Mexico. It also has the Puente de la Unidad, one of the busiest for all kinds of vehicles because it is the entrance to the Yucatan Peninsula.

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Through the tourist agency Palo de Tinte, we offer you ecotourist tours so that you can enjoy the natural beauty that Ciudad del Carmen has to offer, with Spanish and English tourist guides.

City Tour

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Meet Carmen in a different way!
Join us in the footstep Stories and Legends Tour where, through scenes depicted with characters, you will learn more about pirate legends and stories from the island. Get ready to walk among the ancient narrow streets, which will allow us to immerse ourselves in their history and tradition. Its simple beauty is unique and enchanting, as are the streets full of old houses.

Kayaks Tour

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Venture to explore the beautiful mangroves in Punta San Julián while you observe the flora and fauna giving an unforgettable Kayak tour. The calm waters and places near the mangrove ensure an unforgettable experience close to nature in a sporting activity for children and adults.

Dolphins Tour (Isla Aguada)

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Have you ever traveled to Isla Aguada to see dolphins in their natural habitat? Isla Aguada is a small community of fishermen within a region of protection and Flora and Fauna in the Laguna de Términos. Sure you will love the boat tour where you can watch birds and dolphins a few meters away from you, it is a show that not everyone can enjoy.

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