Project Manager

Rosa Odilia Jiménez Santiago is a Chemical Engineer graduated from La Salle University, with a Master’s Degree in Waste Management from Germany. She has 26 years of experience as a sustainability professional, specializing in the regulatory requirements of environment, safety and hygiene in Mexico and its implementation in the different sectors where she has been involved, such as: metallurgy, mining, pharmaceutical, automotive, food and beverages, and for four years to date, in the hydrocarbons sector. Since 2015, she has devoted most of his time to projects in the hydrocarbon sector, supporting the winners of the rounds of projects in deep and shallow waters in obtaining the registration and authorization of the Industrial Safety Administration System, Operational Safety and Environmental Protection as well as in the development of waste management records and plans, environmental impact statements and environmental risk studies, among others. Her experience also includes the legal framework of hydrocarbon storage terminals inland, transportation of hydrocarbons in pipeline and sale to the public in service stations.