General Director of Exploration Opinions

He is a Geophysical Engineer from the Universidad Nacional Atónoma de México, where he later obtained the Master´s degree of Science in the area of ​​Structural Geology and Tectonics. He made a research stay on the subject of Saline Tectonics in the Spanish Higher Council for Scientific Research. He worked for several years in the Subdirectorate of Exploration of Petróleos Mexicanos, in the National Center for Seismological Processing, and later evaluating exploration technologies in the Management and Technology Transfer Management. After working for private initiative firms, he joined the Energy Secretary in 2008, where he was part of various Councils and Committees within the Mexican government to regulate the hydrocarbon exploration and extraction sector. His last position was that of Deputy Director General of Administration of the Hydrocarbons Sector. He has been a professor at the UNAM for a decade teaching courses in Geology of Fluid Deposits and Geology and Oil Geochemistry, for the Petroleum Engineering career. In April 2016, the President was elected by the Republic to be part of the list of candidates sent to the Senate to select a new Commissioner of the National Hydrocarbons Commission. He is currently the General Director of Exploration Opinions of the National Hydrocarbons Commission, where his main task is to direct the work for the analysis of the exploration plans and the evaluation programs of the oil companies in Mexico, and be able to propose their approval to the Governing Body of the National Hydrocarbons Commission.