Partner Lead for Sustainable Finance

SESSION II: Financing Solutions for Companies in Mexico’s Offshore Oil and Gas Sector

Ms. Romero is the Partner Lead at ERM Mexico for Sustainable Finance. She has over twenty-five years of experience doing environmental and social impact assessments and has worked in almost every state of Mexico. Ms. Romero has ample experience in preparing impact assessments that cover all the lifecycle of the projects. She has experience as well in due diligence phase I and due diligence against international sustainable IFC standards. She is well versed in the current regulatory framework of environmental, health and safety, and hazardous waste regulations in Mexico and several international contexts. She has been in charge of getting the right authorizations for EIAs and Social impact assessments and therefore she knows very well how to deal with Mexican authorities. She has participated in more than 500 EIAs for different industrial sectors as power, manufacturing, chemical, petrochemical and mining. More than 300 compliance audits and Phase I Due Diligences and more than 50 Due Diligence against international IFC standards.